Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Don’t Argue

More time is wasted in argument than in any other form of human activity.

Most arguments are about things that don’t matter. If the other fellow says that Dato' Siti Nurhaliza wore black dress on the Malaysian Music Award, and you happen to know that is was blue, why waste time in contradicting him? He won’t thank you. And what advantage do you get from putting him right?

If you are going about the world putting people right, you will have more than a full-time job. A job, too, for which you will get no thanks.

If you win an argument, that’s about the only thing you will win. You are quite likely to lose a friend.

People don’t like to be proved wrong. And what difference does it make to you whether Dato' Siti Nurhaliza wore black of blue?

Keep you energies for things which more worthwhile. And you will keep friends too.

Don’t Criticize Other People

What a temptation it is to criticize other people – when they are not there to hear it.

And what a sign of a weak personality.

The person of personality wastes no time in that form of criticism. He will tell you to your face – or not at all.

Keep your troubles and triumph to yourself

To tell the truth, the tale of your troubles bores them, and the tale of your triumph make them jealous.

Your will be advised to cut it out. Listen to other people’s by all means, but keep your own to yourself.