Saturday, August 28, 2010


Personality is Your Greatest Asset

Personality Beats Brains

At school, Napoleon Bonaparte was at the bottom of his class. Yet he became master of Europe. Countries and monarchs fell before him. Men and women of all ages fell under his spell.

Napoleon was super-charged with personality. It radiated from him in intense degree and was the secret of the terrific influence he had over those around him.

And it is that particular power which shapes your life.

When You Get Right Down To It

Your life depends on these two things :

1. How You Behave To Others
2. How Others Behave To Your

Don’t run away with the idea that only No. 1 is your affair, that you can’t help how other people behave to you. Nothing of the sort. How other people behave to you is very much affair.

How people behave to you depends more on you than on them