Monday, June 29, 2009


Object of finding fault is not to find fault,
but to effect an improvement.

The love of PRAISE and APPRECIATION is pretty strong. Use it, and you set a powerful force in motion. People will do wonders for you.

People reflect your own personality

To be a good leader :

• You must be a human. Don’t pretend to be superior, or to have no human weaknesses.
• You must put your best in yourself. A fellow who is working with a spade is not particularly stimulated by another one who gives directions with his overcoat of necktie on.
• You must enjoy your job and get some fun from it. There deadly serious people make but poor leaders. To get good results, both you and the friend must get some fun out of the job. Incidentally, to enjoy your job – leader or no leader – is one of the great essentials to health and happiness.

Take people into your confidence
People are always pleased to be taken into confidence, especially by their leader. It makes them feel important.

Show people that you expect the best from them
To show people that you expect good things from them is in itself a compliment. It pleases them and they respond to the compliment.

You will find your days happier and more successful.