Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Art of Communication: TREAD STORY

He who treads softly travels farthest.

Consider the tale of the Chongs and their burst water pipe.

Mr. Chong Would Tread Loudly.

Of course when Mr. Chong reached home after tiring day, it was annoying to find the bathroom pipe was still not repaired.

He was furious.

“Hasn’t that plumber been here near the place?” he demanded. “He promised to do the job yesterday, and fell down on it. He promised again for today, and he still hasn’t come. I’ll ring him up now, and tell him what I think of him”.

But Mrs. Chong is Wiser

“John” she said, as her husband commenced frantically to dial the phone’s number. “Do you want to get the pipe repaired; of do you want to tell the plumber what you think of him?”

Mr. Chong stopped his dialing and ginned.

“I expect you are right,” he said. “Your ring him up.”

And She Trod Softly

Hamzi, the plumber was suffering from overwork and a sense of guilt as far as the Chongs were concerned.

“I can’t do impossibilities, Mrs. Chong. Half the people in town want me to come at once. I can’t work more than twenty-four hours in the day”.

“Yes” agreed Mrs. Chong. “The construction nearby has spoilt the piping system and must make you terribly busy. Several people this morning told me how hard you are working.” And so on, until Hamzi feels that Mrs. Chong is thoroughly understanding and sympathetic woman.

So, he mends the Chong’s pipe early next day.

In her circle, Mrs. Chong, no doubt is regarded as a personality. She knows how to handle people. And she does it, not by bullying or dominating, but by finding some sympathetic approach, some appreciation of the other person’s point of view.

Many thanks to my sister, Zuryati Haron, who has enriched my art of living by observing her way of life.. You are a great woman with ultimate personality..